Next-generation eSignature platform - powered by Ethereum blockchain smart contracts.

Automate your contracts

No more inefficient paper-based workflows and processes. Send, sign and manage contracts and documents anywhere, on any device. Better signing process with few clicks on your devices.

Upload file

Login to Twala and upload your document.

Add your signatories

Provide the names and emails of your signatories.

Send for signing

An email invitation to sign the document is sent, and you will be notified once the document is signed in real-time.

Identity Verification and Blockchain Digital ID

Twala offers multiple levels of signatory verification including an AI-enabled identity verification process (facial recognition vs government-issued ID) powered by Twala blockchain digital ID. Users can use this digital ID containing their decentralized cryptographic signing keys for passwordless login and secure document signing by scanning a QR code or via push notification (Out-of-band authentication). This is perfect for high-risk documents requiring a higher level of signatory verification and security (i.e. documents required by law to be in writing or in original).

Timestamped in blockchain for a rock-solid legal evidence

A detailed audit trail is collected in all stages of the signing process and is attached to the signed digital document. The cryptographic hash of the signed document is sent to a public Ethereum blockchain using our own “chained anchoring technology”. The time stamping serves as the document’s proof of existence, securing the integrity of your document that any tampering/altering can be mathematically proven. Since all hashes are anchored to a decentralized and distributed ledger technology, all documents can be verified independently of Twala virtually forever. Twala meets the requirements of eSignature in the Philippines (e-Commerce Law, Supreme Court’s Rules on Electronic Evidence) and other major eSignature laws around the world, making it legally binding and court-admissible.


Save time, streamline your process by creating templates for your usual forms and repetitive agreement workflows.

Secure cloud storage and archiving

Store and manage all your documents in our secured cloud storage or [Coming Soon] use other third-party cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. All your documents are encrypted with AES 256-bit encrypted at rest in an ISO 27001 certified data center.

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